Rationale Artificial Intelligence
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Machine Learning. Natural Language Processing. Data Analytics

Artificial Intelligence


Reinvent the interaction between people and machines
AI will change the way how we live and work as individuals and society. People in an organization will be able to spend more time on creative work, focusing on the 20% of non-routine tasks that drive 80% of value creation.


Transform your business models
The AI technologies will fundamentally transform business processes and the end-user experience continuously by removing not only time and distance factors but also human limitations. It will merge machine learning with the deep knowledge (hidden data) of an organization to drive automation and innovation.


Unlock the trapped value of data
Advanced and integrated analytics will continually run on an organization’s large data sets. The data will empower powerful algorithms to evolve faster, improve themselves, and combine data in fresh ways to discover trends and deliver new insights.


The potential of artificial intelligence extends far beyond helping a given business run faster or more efficiently.


The Value of AI in The Real World

Virtual Assistant


The project was to implement an Organization Virtual Assistant. The Virtual Assistant should answer any question related to the Organization HR Policy like: How many days of vacation I have left? Or What are my entitlements for Child Schooling? Or Similar. Virtual Assistant should recognize a logged-in employee and immediately place him in the correct context.


The project was implemented on Apple (iOS) iPhone devices, and as technology, we have used, Apple Siri, IBM Watson and Stanford  NLP Library.

Voice Operated App


The project task was to implement a fully voice-operated application for clarification management. All commands, application navigation, and decision (close, approve, respond, and similar), were given by voice command. Furthermore, the application was able to read the supporting documents. Based on the current context, the application provided users only with possible options, and the users were able to choose via action list or by voice command.


The project got implemented on Apple (iOS) iPhone devices, and as technology, we have used, Apple Siri, Stanford  NLP Library, and custom-developed Phonetics NLP Algorithms.

Advanced Image Recognition


The project intended to implement Real-Time Image Recognition for Marathon runners. In the end, the system recognized, with 80% of precision, who were the runners in the picture, and it was able to sort belonging images accordingly. As part of the project, various payment methods got applied.


The project got implemented on Apple (iOS) iPhone devices, and as technology, we have used OpenCV Library and Custom Sorting Algorithms.

Social Data Mining


The project intended to collect and analyze tweets made in the Client’s country and to extract requested information such as, Who are the users having expensive cars, or Who are the users who like cars so much? Upon collection of respected user lists, they would receive a highly customized promotion, tailored by our Client and concerning their interests toward cars.


The project was implemented for a Desktop device, and as technology, we have used Twitter API, Scala, and various Machine Learning algorithms.